Monday, March 14, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down...

Well, not exactly, but our fence did!  Our fence wasn't in the best shape to start with when we bought the house, but we thought we had a little life left in it until this happened.

So it was off to Home Depot to buy a couple of new fence post to replace the rotted ones that caused this little problem.  $70 later we went home with a few fence posts, a couple of 2x4's,  potatoes for my garden, shrubs, soil, mulch, and a hand saw.  It happens to me every time...go in for one thing and buy out the store.

Justin got to working right away taking down the fence panels.  You know you're working hard when you start off wearing a shirt and end without one on.

He worked and worked digging out those cemented fence posts left in the ground.  And then a snake crawled out of the drainage pipe!  EEK!

Justin smashed him with the shovel.  Take that creepy snake!  He was so long!

But he was still alive squirming around trying to bite us.  I wanted to hit him in the head with the hammer, but chickened out.

So Justin chopped him up in about 5 different pieces and cut off his head.  I was so proud =)

And then it was back to the fence.  It still needs some work, but I think it'll last for a while with the band aide we put on it...I mean, Justin put on it.  All I did was move a panel and pot flowers.

And Molly just  laid in the weeds watching contently.

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  1. We do the same thing on our trips to Lowes!!Don't you know these stores love people like us?!


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