Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yard Beautification

Our house didn't come with much landscaping.  It was a foreclosure, so I'm assuming that what the house had just wasn't really cared for and it all died.

So we made a trip down to the Home Depot (hey, those guys are doing really well off us!) to invest in some pretty plants.  Justin and I really were not on the same page as to what we wanted in the flower beds.  I don't really like perfectly manicured bushes.  Don't ask me why but I just don't.  I waned our house to have something a little more natural looking with a little more character.  Bushes were out-but I could deal with shrubs....flowering ones, so they would produce a little color in the spring.  We came across some Indian Hawthorne and we both liked them-way to compromise Harmons! And as a bonus, they were one sale! Woo hoo!

So we raked up the old mulch...

And we dug some holes...4 to be exact.

And planted those beauties in the ground.  We planted two shrubs in each flower bed with hopes of flowers, a rose bush and other lovelies to be added sometime later. 

 And Molly was such a good girl!  She always is eager to help out with our diy projects! ;)

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