Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Day Shelf Decor

 I finally finished up our Valentine's Day shelf! 

I went for more of a red and white color scheme so pink wouldn't take over the house.

You should check out the dollar spot in Target, pronto.  They have 8 and 12 sheet packs of valentine themed scrapbook paper for $1!  And there are some super cute designs.  They also have awesome packs of stickers for $1.  I bought 2 packs because you can never have too many stickers!

I found this little bird at Michael's.  With my 40% coupon it was only about $2.50. I think she's found a permanent home up here on this shelf.  The mason jar was inspired by this.

I stuffed the heart tinsel into the lantern to give it some color and upcycled an old tin plate by Mod Podging some scrapbook paper onto the center.

The vases came together as a set-$2.50 at the dollar spot in Target.  They say "live" "laugh" "love" and will stay on the as regular decor, but I took advantage of the blank back side to place my stickers for a fun valentine theme! 

I found the free printable at The Creative Girl.  Valentines Day is a Hallmark, commercial holiday, BUT we are commanded to LOVE .  And this printable keeps REAL love into perspective (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).  So when we walk through the front door and we look up at the pretty decorations that make us me crave chocolate and want pretty flowers, I hope it reminds us of how we are supposed to really love one another.

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