Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally Finished This Chair

Remember this chair that I found at a garage sale 2 YEARS AGO?  Remember how I was going to recover it in that yellow fabric, and stain the wood a dark walnut color?  I got started on it and it never got finished.  I recovered the cushions (and learned a lot from doing it for the first time) and tried to stain the wood, but it turned out looking awful.  It ended up being thrown into the garage and the cushions on the floor of the guest bedroom.  Until last week...

When I finished that baby!  I had some white paint left over from another project and decided that white would look so much better against the yellow and really make it pop. 


We bought white blinds while I was on maternatiy leave and I swiched our green curtains out with light blue ones just after we bought our new brown couch to try to brighten up the room a bit.   I think the white, yellow and blue look really pretty together and really bring in some pops of color. 


I really like how this area of the living room is looking so I'm hoping to paint some of our dumpster dive/garage sale furniture that I've brought into the house over the past year and really tie the room together.   With Lillie getting bigger and happy hanging out with her toys in her play pen, I'm hoping to getting back to more of these projects!

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