Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Garden is Growing, Growing, Growing...

Remember what it first looked like?
 Now look at it!

 Wowee it has really grown!  Some of the veggies I tried to start from seeds didn't make, ::sniff sniff:: But I do have 3 black eyed pea plants, maybe 2 green bean plants, an entire row of onions, an entire row of potatoes, 2 lettuce plants, a tomato plant, a bell pepper plant and a banana pepper plant.

I picked my first crop on Saturday.  A yummy banana pepper!  I ate it on my egg sandwich and it was delish!  I have a few tomatoes growing, a few more banana peppers that are almost ready, and some onions that can't wait to be pulled from the ground.  Oh, I can't wait to really dive in and eat the "fruits" of my labor!


  1. WOW!!! What a green thumb you have! I'm very impressed!!

  2. Thanks Catrina! I still have a lot to learn, but very excited about how it's all turning out!


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