Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Bedroom: Before and After

Here's what our bedroom looked like when we moved in...not too pretty.

Our  top priority after buying the house was to save for new furniture and a new mattress. We've done a lot to the room and it's really come a long way!

I love our bed!  We bought new lamps and night stands and added a blue scarf to the bed to bring in some more color.

We bought an armoire to hide our tv and stereo and a bench to fill the space in front of the windows.  We found some really nice curtain rods at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $20 and bought sheer blue curtains for the windows.

This vase fills one of the corners in the room.  I found the blue foliage from Walmart and mixed it with a foliage pack from Hobby Lobby.  I was inspired by something similar that my mother-in-law has in her house.  She has peacock feathers in her piece and I've yet to add some to mine.  The green in the feathers will tie into the green in the vase.

We moved my old dresser to the guest bedroom.  It goes great with the decor in there-an ever evolving antique, rustic, shabby chic look.  This wall still needs a lot of work.  We want to buy a silver mirror to go above the dresser and find some better decor to go on the top.  Any suggestions anyone? 

I'm really loving how our room is turning out and can't wait to get it finished!


  1. Love the new furniture and the colors of your room. I'd go for a really big piece above the dresser and maybe move the smaller pieces to a smaller wall. I don't have any specific suggestions, but I think something that's about the width of the dresser (or bigger) would look great!


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