Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

And  boy is it sooo true!! I found this dresser yesterday on Craigslist for FREE!  I've been wanting to find a cheap dresser to repurpose and use as a server/buffet in my dining room.  This is perfect!  You can see that one of the drawer gliders needs to be replaced, but no problem.  I'm more than happy to make some minor repairs on something that was given to me!

 Now I have to decide what kind of style I'm going for and how I want to paint it.  Here are a few ideas...

My initial thoughts of transforming this dresser were RED!  I love the way this has been distressed with the dark strokes on top of the red paint.  Looks very vintage, rustic, chic.  This is a similar style to my craft desk that I found a couple of months ago at an estate sale.

This piece that Shauna refinished from Perfectly Imperfect is so beautiful!  I love the contrast between the dark brown wood top and the white bottom.  While I love this, I'm concerned about it not bringing enough color into the room.  Plus, Justin is going to build me a dining room table (hopefully!) and I want to paint it in this style so I'm thinking that we need to paint the buffet a bolder color.  What do y'all think?  What colors would you paint it?

Metal Round Knob - ScrollMetal Pull

Round Metal Knob - Embossed FlowerMetal Handle
Ceramic Scallop KnobCeramic Handle with Brass Fittings

I'll want to switch out the knobs and handles for sure. All of these styles will go great with the distressed look.  I'm so excited to get started!  And I can't wait to show you what it's going to look like after I'm finished!

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  1. I love the red finish, I just wonder if it's going to be too harsh a contrast against the white/cream of your dining table. I think a pretty mossy green with a darker glaze or brown wax over the top would give you that same rustic looking finish you want but wouldn't leave your table set looking so stark white. Im not sure what other colors you want to incorporate but another option that wouldnt be too drastic would be a Tuscan yellow. Then you could bring your red in through accessories on your table; a big platter or serving bowl. Good luck, link up to MMS again when it's done, I'd love too see it!


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