Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanks

One of my facebook friends is posting every day this month to show what she is thankful for in her life.  I think that is a great idea so we are going to do it here at Harmonizing, but with our own little twist!  Instead of posting one thing I'm thankful for each day of the month, I'll do a weekly posting and include serveral reasons why I think "it's a wonderful life."  (umm....Christmas, I do not need you sneaking up on me now-November is to focus on Thanksgiving no matter what Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, or TVsays.)

So here we go...Week 1 of Thanks

Thankful for my sweet husband.  He does the man work AND helps me around the house.  He lets me bring home junk and store it in the garage until I have time to make something wonderful out of it.  He even gave up his parking spot for it. He let me get another dog and now they are best buds.  He writes me love post it notes and sticks them in my car encouraging me when I have something big coming up.  He makes me laugh and sometimes he tries to scare me and I scream and then I want to punch him.  But I like it that way. 

I am so thankful for our sweet Molly girl and our cute Dexter boy.  I love her sweet kisses and I love his doggie hugs.  They come running to greet me everyday when I come through that door and that makes me feel like a special girl =)

Who couldn't be thankful for my sisters!  And while my bestie in the middle is not a sister by blood, we are just as close as if she were apart of my own family.  I love these girls with all my heart.  They are my go to people, my best friends, the girls that I most want to hang out with, the people that I don't want and can't imagine doing life without even though we are all scattered across Texas. 

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