Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Table Decor

I've been decorating the house for fall and have lots more to share with you but here's the dining room table for now!

This bottle was used in one of my bestie's weddings as the center pieces for the reception tables.  She gave them away at the end of the night as her wedding favors.  I think it looks beautiful on our table!

I LOVE THESE PUMPKINS.  I didn't make them but I sure wish I had!  I found them at Michael's.  Aren't they goregous?!

 I love the way the light comes in through the blinds and makes the shadowy stripes on the bottle. 

I've got one more small project to finish before I can show you my mantel and a couple of things left to make my wall shelf look good.  Hopefully I can show those to you next week! 

 How are you decorating this fall?

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