Friday, October 21, 2011

Witch Broom Door Hanger

 Halloween is next week so I've been busy getting the house spookified for our party!

Here's a little somthing I made for our front door to welcome all the ghouls and witches that will be coming to visit next Saturday. 

I found the free printable at Crafts and Such.  She's got a whole line of them in a bunch of different colors.  I wanted mine in the classic Halloween color scheme!

I used a wooden wall plaque as the base and painted it black.  I found it at Hobby Lobby on clearance and saved it for a special project.  I think that it worked for this perfectly!  Then I Mod Podged a layer of brown craft paper on top, layered the free printable on top of that, and then lightly stroked on some black paint all over to give it that old spooky feel.  The ribbon was recycled off of a christmas gift that my sister-in-law gave me last year.  (I'm a border line hoarder, but if I use what I hoard, I don't have a problem, right?)

This project cost me less than $4.  The broom was a dollar at the thrift store and I paid $2 and some change for the wooden wall plaque.  Everthing else I had or I recycled from someting else!  I can wait to show you the rest of the house.  It's looking quite spooktacular!

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