Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Mantel

The mantel has been done since the beginning of September, but I'm just finding the time to sit down and share it with y'all.  Just in time to change it in the next few weeks for Halloween!

Justin surprised me with flowers the other day and they went up on the mantel for us to enjoy!

Remember when I said I wanted another Willow Tree figurine for our anniversary?  Well, I got it!  Isn't it so pretty?

This is a pumpkin candle.  It was in our attic.  Candles don't do so well in attics over the summer in 100 + temperatures.

I wanted to have a main focal point for the mantel, but didn't have any money to really make something spectacular.  So I used what I already had and made this!  I covered up our poppy canvas with some craft paper that was used as stuffing in a box for an item that was shipped to us, drew a pumpkin and then painted it with some craft paint that I already had.  I'm not artistic, so I was very pleased at how it looked!

I love decorating for fall.  All the warm colors make the house so cozy!

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