Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Mantel and Shelf

 Here's the last of the home decorations!  

Our mantel is kinda a work in progress.  I made it look the best I could with the decorations that we already had.  I can't say that I hate it, but I don't love it either.  Hopefully next year I'll have more time and a little more money to make this look really good!

 I could never find a stocking that I liked for Dexter, so I decided to make one for him.  I saw this stocking on etsy and made my own dumbed down version.  I found the stocking at Dollar General for a buck and used felt and no sew iron on transfer for the doggie and bone.  I think it turned out really cute!  And It only cost me $1.50!

 My mama made me that cute little frame that you see on the wall.

Everyone asks if I made the snowflake wreath.  I wish I could say yes, but I found it at the dollar spot at Target.  

 Since it was so hot here over the summer, most of my candles melted in the attic.  But these weren't damaged so bad.  I made sure to cover up all the ugly spots with the poinsettias.

 So, there ya go.  The Harmon family Christmas mantel.  Needs some work, but looks good for this year!

 Here's the dining room shelf that went from fall to Christmas!

 I switched out the framed pumpkin for a handmade snowflake.

 The ornaments were originally in a clear cylinder vase, but the shelf fell off the wall somehow and broke it.  So I opted for the mason jar in its place.  I think that I like it better than my initial idea!  It ties in together with the "snow filled' mason jars on the dining room table.

I found a plain wooden 8x10 picture frame at Dollar Tree and painted it red specially for this printable.

 How have you decorated your home this Christmas?  I'd love to see!  Leave me a comment with your blog address, facebook page, etc if you'd like to show of your home decorations!

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