Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Bathroom

You got a little taste of what the guest bathroom looked like when I blogged about making the hanging votive wall candle holder.  Here is the rest!

I love the colors of this bathroom.  I normally don't like purple but this deep purple mixed with the aqua blue is so beautiful.  The purple towels are new thanks to some fabulous cousin-in-laws and the blue towels are left over from my single days.  They were still in good shape and they went perfectly with the new decor.

Does this look familiar?  I'm still in awe that I created that design.  I'm a good copier but rarely do I come up with an idea all on my own!

I love the design of the soap dispenser and the toothbrush holder.  It has a raised modern daisy chain design.  We have the trash can to match (can't see it in the pics though).  I had these bottles in my bathroom before we got married and I was able to use them again because they went so well with the color scheme.

 I think that the bathroom still needs a little work making it look a little prettier, but for now, it's working and looking really well!

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