Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to Our Living Room

Our living room is one of the rooms that I have worked hardest on getting it complete and I think it is coming together nicely.  I wanted this room to have a casual, homey, relaxing, fun atmosphere so I'm aiming for more bolder, colorful, modern decor pieces and fabric.

 The mantel is slowly but surely looking better and better.  I love this poppy canvas print.  I found it at Walmart!  And I want to replace the green candle on the left with a plant...just haven't done that yet.  I have a pretty, small, light green planter that would look perfect there.


I decided last year that I wanted to start collecting the Willow Tree figurines.  I have an ornament that my bestie gave to me when I got baptized that you can see taking her perch on the books to the left.   The smaller one in the picture below was our cake topper at our wedding.  The bigger one Justin gave to me on our wedding day.   How sweet!  What would be even sweeter is getting one for our first anniversary, hint hint ;) 

I love the funkiness of the red wire flowers and they go perfectly with the poppy art.  And I found that milk glass vase at an estate sale.  The lady just gave it to me since I was buying some other stuff.  Pretty awesome, huh?

Here's a view of the room from the mantel.  Don't you just love that rug!  It grounds the floor but gives the room a modern feel.  We have a chair that I'm going to re-cover that will fill the space where the dog bed is.  Remember the pillows I made for the couch?  I have plans to recover the browns ones in a yellow fabric!

And here is the room from the kitchen hallway.  This is how you would first see the room when you walk into our house.

We'll hopefully have some new end tables, coffee table and console table soon.  I've found an awesome site that has plans to build your own furniture and I've made Justin a pretty long honey-do list ;)

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