Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This"

Ever have a bad day?  Get in a fight with your bestie?  Someone take advantage of you?  Eat a whole box of cookies when you are on a diet?  Someone make you feel like you are not good enough?  Just need to be inspired?  I've been having quite a few crazy days lately so here are some good quotes that will get you over that hump and some that'll just make ya chuckle...

 Need to remember this one! ;)

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Remember this when you want to chicken out.

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Ha! You think this describes me?
When you want to make excuses for yourself...
Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Do you find this happening to you too?  Ahahaha!

In the words of Pat Green, "Carry On."


And the Most Important of All:

Everyone should live by this!

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